Alternatively, you can use filtered water

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canada goose coats First, I would like to commend you for accepting canada goose store your little guys no buy canada goose jacket matter how they buy canada goose jacket cheap look. I know to others it might seem silly, but we sometimes get caught up in their appearance without looking at the bigger picture. Also, given cheap Canada Goose time and proper care, most succulents will heal themselves and balance out nicely =)The guy in the first pic looks like it needs better draining soil and less water. When the leaves start drooping and losing their color like that, it usually due to over watering. Unfortunately, even c soil needs about a 1:1 ratio with perlite to get adequate drainage. I pull it out of it pot and let the roots dry for a day or so before replanting with better draining soil. Don be surprised if you have a lot of leaf drop, especially the discolored ones, though. That ok, he bounce back. Make sure to withhold water for about a week after transplanting, then water thoroughly when the soil is dry. Also, make sure the pot has drainage holes in the bottom.The second one is an Echeveria perle von nurnberg. He looks to be doing ok, canada goose factory sale but that soil also looks too rich. I do the same (transplant in better soil, etc) for the ones in that pot as well. It looks like (and I could be completely wrong as it a little hard to tell) the soil has a lot of organic matter that will hold water. If he in good soil with good drainage and holes in the bottom of the pot, you could leave him alone since he looks ok.Also, just an fyi, there is Canada Goose Parka also great care info in the sidebar. Other than my lithops and cacti, my Prince likes the most direct sun (and I have probably 20 30 succulents). I increase watering frequency and see if that helps. I still think that probably the issue because I water mine about once a week, but I go by when the soil is dry, not a schedule. That just how frequently the soil dries canadian goose jacket out in the direct sun. blowing on it? That could be making it finicky, too, since they like it a little warmer. I sure hope you canada goose uk black friday can figure it out and get this little guy to perk up. Good luck! =)Don feel dumb, I completely understand.Your pot is mostly Sempervivums, but that one little guy in the front isn I not sure what he is, hopefully someone else will chime canada goose black friday sale in. Anyway, semps are pretty hardy but I found that mine love direct morning light for a couple hours, the bright indirect light the rest of the day. I sure they could handle more, but the days get Canada Goose Coats On Sale pretty hot where I at and they didn like that much direct sun. All succulents are susceptible to sunburn, so if I were you, I gradually introduce them to direct sun and slowly increase it, paying close attention to how they respond. Good luck! =)OP, you gotten a lot of great advice here, but I just like to canada goose clearance add to what some others have been saying. To me, what really important here is what YOU want. Not what Sam or Carol want you canada goose coats on sale to do. I know that things are very difficult right now and clearing your head might be incredibly hard to do, but I think you desperately need some alone time to reflect on everything and decide what you want.Have you ever tried meditating? It might help you clear out all this static from what canada goose uk shop everyone else wants and focus on your true desires. It Canada Goose Jackets would probably be good for you all around if you tried getting in to meditation. I have a chronic auto immune disease, and while my life will likely be shortened some due to this, I not facing the uk canada goose outlet outcome that you are for sure. Having said all of that, meditation helps canada goose uk outlet me so much to get in touch with myself and helps me accept my disease and it limitations. There so many cheap canada goose uk different ways to meditate and apps that guide you through how to do it. If this isn your thing, I understand, but my original point still stands: try to find a way to get in touch with yourself and what you truly want. This may be slightly selfish, but you know your lifetime is limited, and what you truly, deeply want is more important than ever. If I knew I only had a few years left, I would try my hardest to make them the best years I could. So what Carol, Rachel, and even Sam wants is irrelevant. Try your best to figure out what you truly want, then go for that.Good luck OP, and I terribly sorry for what you going through right now. You a good canada goose clearance sale friend Canada Goose Outlet to Sam uk canada goose and he lucky to canada goose cheap have you caring for him. ((Hugs))You might try posting to r/succulents to get their advice, too.Most c soil, unfortunately, does not have good enough drainage on it own and needs perlite mixed in (1:1). I don have canada goose a jade, but from reading on the succulents sub, I know the crystals aren anything really to be worried about. Jades excrete water impurities out through pores in their leaves. If it bothers you, you can set the water out for Canada Goose Online a couple days before hand to let some chemicals to evaporate out. I have really hard water so Canada Goose online I do that for my plants, especially my succulents. Alternatively, you can use filtered water.There some great info in the sidebar regarding care and soil needs. The one on the left is a haworthia, which likes well draining soil and can handle some direct sun, but mainly likes bright indirect light. Mine gets a couple hours of direct light in the morning, then bright shade the rest of the day. They are thriving and getting ready to bloom, so I know they happy =)I Canada Goose sale wish I could help ID your cactus, but I don canada goose coats know what it is. Maybe someone else will chime in so you can Google specific care for that one. I know cacti need well draining soil as well and close to 8 hours of sun a day. Make sure to acclimate it slowly, though, so it doesn burn. You got some beautiful babies there.

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