Franzen says she can arrange anything a stadium

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Canada Goose Lovebirds Events just expanded from wedding planning to proposal planning. Franzen says she can arrange anything a stadium canada goose outlet cheap canada goose, a parade float, or a romantic setting.Proposal planners secure all the necessary permits, and can even help pick the ring. Fees range from $600 to $1,300, plus the cost of the supplies and vendors involved.”If you want to do a hot air balloon or write someone’s name on a billboard downtown, there’s going to be more involved with it,” Franzen said.And if the recipient of the proposal says no, these planners have a plan for that, too.”We pick up those pieces and brush them under the rug and take care of it quickly,” Franzen said.For couples who want a memorable moment, proposal planning can take the pressure off the planning so the focus can be on asking the most important question of a couple’s lives.”It’s the moment that starts it all, of really spending the rest of your life together, so it makes sense to make that day special,” Franzen said Canada Goose.

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