It great to see local businesses expanding and thriving

We lost the perfect sandwich and all we got was another fucking hipster coffee shop

It occupies the former Holland Cake Shake on Armstrong.

I approached with cautious optimism, having been a regular moncler outlet woodbury at Cake Shake, eating their amazing sandwiches weekly. I moncler outlet sale was extremely disappointed to find out they be closing down. I was relieved when I found out that Michael Holland would be staying on and that the sandwiches, moncler sale chips and all, on his signature milk bread would be returning once Morning Owl opened. I was concerned, however, moncler womens jackets that things wouldn be the same under the Morning Owl banner.

Today my worries became a reality. Cake Shake sandwiches were amazing. cheap moncler jackets womens Literally the perfect sandwich. They always had a little something extra to tie them together, like a basil mayo for the salami sandwich, or little crispy onions on the pic nic sandwich, or the corn salsa on the pork sandwich. The bread was obviously freshly baked with a thin, crispy crust and soft interior that held together perfectly without being tough. Finally, the signature chips. Usually just Lays plain, but sometimes corn chips or Doritos where appropriate. They set the sandwich off texturally. They were perfect sandwiches. I uk moncler sale always silently judged the people who uk moncler outlet asked for chips to be left off the sandwich.

The sandwiches, though, were just one piece of the puzzle. The atmosphere was entirely devoid of pretension. Very bare moncler usa bones, with random art on the walls. Some by well known local artists, some by children. The whole place had a very DIY feel to it. Charming, simple, and authentic. buy moncler jackets You could tell that all that really mattered to them was putting out interesting, delicious food. I moncler online store like places like this. It was relaxed and very much come as you are. Public servants, families with kids, and young hipster couples moncler uk outlet all fit right in.

It was affordable! Sandwiches cheap moncler coats mens were always under $8, usually cheap moncler jackets around $6.75 or so. You could get a combo, which included either a cookie or brownie, and either house made punch, H soda, or a drip coffee. The total would usually be $10 11. Two people could get a delicious, interesting, filling lunch for $20! Fucking McDonalds can easily be more expensive than that.

In its place we have yet another made for Instagram fucking hipster coffee shop with a tropical papered accent wall, twinkle lights, and like 3 fucking tables. The moncler outlet prices lighting is dim, and there a real fancy espresso machine front and center. They do not appear to serve drip coffee.

The sandwiches are sitting in a case, pre made (Cake Shake was always done to order). Four varieties were on offer, mostly resembling stuff that was on the old Cake Shake menu. There was even a ham and cheddar sandwich with pasta moncler outlet salad, just moncler outlet store like my old pal the pic nic sandwich! When you order, they ask you if you like it with our without chips, and add the chips to order. As I mentioned, the chips are essential to this sandwich. The sandwiches are now $8.50, so two sandwiches comes to over $19. Say goodbye to the $10 brown bag combo!

The sandwich mostly resembled the ones I knew and loved, but as I ate it,my cautious optimism faded, replaced by the stark reality of the realization that the perfect sandwich had died and wasn coming back.

It was still a pretty good sandwich, but nothing really special about it. It was a flatter, more one dimensional sandwich than the original. It didn have the little crispy onions, or the slaw which gave a nice tang to the Cake Shake version, making it unique. The grainy mustard helped a bit, but it wasn enough. I have a strong suspicion that the bread was not freshly baked this morning. If I had tried this sandwich without the context of the cheap moncler sale original, I would have enjoyed it! But I definitely would not be rushing back next Saturday to have it again, and again moncler sale online every week after that.

Although I rarely indulged, the mini cakes, too, are gone, and not even replaced by a 75% as good version. I think you can still place orders for large cakes, and I heard that the cake shake still exists, for what it worth.

Anyway, if you still reading this I am shocked. Good on you for sticking discount moncler jackets with this insane sandwich rant. Obviously, I have very strong feelings about sandwiches, and I felt the need to write them down and share them.

I do not blame Michael Holland for the downfall of my favourite sandwich. I don know the details on why he chose to change course, but I do know that owning and operating a business, even a seemingly successful one, is insanely challenging and complex. I wish him happiness and success. Even though I don really know him outside of the context of buying what I am sure is, and I not exaggerating, over 200 sandwiches from him over the past few years.

I do not blame Morning Owl for the downfall of my favourite sandwich shop. They seem to have a moncler outlet online good thing going, and a successful concept. It great to see local businesses expanding and thriving. Even if I fundamentally disagree with with coffee nerds who believe that dark roast is an abomination and that every cup of coffee should have delicate notes of crab grass and gooseberry or whatever the fuck. The staff was friendly, service was quick, and the space was well curated and funky.

I also fully acknowledge the irony of myself, a best moncler jackets Hintonburg dwelling millennial hipster in my own right, getting all woe is me over gentrification in my neighborhood. I not looking for pity and I fully understand that in the scope of issues globally, nationally, city wide, and even on my own block, this shouldn register as anything of importance. I just wanted to write this, so I did. It sucks when your favourite simple pleasures go away and are replaced by something more corporate.

One choice was perhaps to reduce his food input costs and make unpalatable sandwiches; another choice was perhaps to raise his prices and still not make the rent due to customers being turned away by a higher price point. Instead, I find the actual route taken to be much more interesting: join forces with Morning Owl as a supplier, and take a share of their (hopefully) larger revenue stream: this de risks his business and still allows him to make great sandwiches. It also perhaps frees up some mental space to look at another business opportunity or location who knows?Just FYI, the person who made the bread at cake shake is the same person who is moncler sale outlet making it at morning owl, using the same recipe. Don’t know who’s calling the shots on the sandwich recipes but bread is definitely the same. And it was definitely made fresh today because I was with the baker last night until he had to go home to sleep before waking up for an early af baking shift this morning.

Also noteworthy that the cake shake pastry chef is eventually opening her own sandwich shop, but doing pop ups in the meantime. Keep an eye out for Holly’s Hot Chicken if you are committed to truly delicious sandwiches. No chips but her sandwiches cheap moncler jackets mens don’t need them.

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