Povio sued Burkhardt in 1988 in Broward Circuit Court

After the operation, pathologists reported that Povios right eye was free of cancer.Povio sued Burkhardt in 1988 in Broward Circuit Court, thinking his cocaine use affected his judgment when he operated on her.This case is fraught with irresponsibility, Goodman said in a January interview with the Sun Sentinel.Burkhardt said he was not under the influence of the cocaine when he operated on Povio.It screwed up my personal life, but not my professional ability, Burkhardt said in January during a brief interview in his Plantation office.The surgeon said he is now drug free. He continues to practice medicine.Burkhardts doctors license was suspended for two months in 1987 after federal drug agents learned he was buying large amounts of cocaine.Burkhardt admitted to the agents that he had used cocaine since 1982 and became a heavy user in 1986 and 1987. After the investigation, he agreed to spend 30 days at a drug treatment center in Arizona..

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