The result is included on the DVD and is called “Silhouettes

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cheap canada goose sale More behind the scenes work was done and so much content was cultivated that a second project began to develop, “Light is Everything” a documentary about the early training of Vilmos Zsigmond and his life as a cinematographer. A second pass was made on the commentary track for added content and then Edie got to work editing the two versions. The result is included on the DVD and is called “Silhouettes in Shadow and Light.” A short behind the scenes featurette is added as well called “Reflections in Black and White” and is available on the DVD as well. cheap canada goose sale

canada goose sale My first comment was that ‘an epidural would have been nice, as we could have run dilute local anesthetic through it post op with dilute bupivicaine to treat her pain, and it would have worked well. Since they didn’t do an epidural we ended up transfering her to the ICU, where they could keep her on oxygen monitorin and dose her with huge doses of morphine 20 30 mg at a time. The better way would be to stop the buprenorphine three days in advance, or at LEAST cut down to a very low dose, say 2 mg per day, canada goose sale and nothing on the day of surgery canada goose sale.

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