The ‘sugar’ requirements of the nervous system (including the

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canada goose clearance Most people think fear has a primal source. If you’re afraid of dogs, the thinking goes, a dog must have bitten you. But very few people with phobias recall these kinds of “conditioning events,” says McNally. The bloodstream holds about only a one hour supply of glucose and muscles store about only a half day’s energy needs. The ‘sugar’ requirements of the nervous system (including the brain, an organ that survives on nothing but sugar) for the average adult is approximately 100 150 g per day (and 100 g minimum to prevent ketosis, or 600 kcal). If a 90 kg/200 pound, moderately active man consumes 3,500 kcalories per day, this is equal to 17% of his total caloric intake. canada goose clearance

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