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The events that I have recounted provide a fascinating example of stasis in science, whereby a major decision becomes set in stone and is not easily revised, even when it richly deserves to be. If they knew then what we know now, group selection would never have been rejected as theoretically implausible. Yet, the field as a whole does not spontaneously clean up its mess after the fact.

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canada goose outelt sale BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. Seventeen young filmmakers from around the world gathered in Beverly Hills, California, to utter the six magic words they’ve been practicing all their lives: “I’d like to thank the academy.”Accepting medals from actors Lucy Liu, Joel Edgerton, Daisy Ridley and Parker Sawyers, the winning filmmakers were giddy as they got to thank the academy and actually mean it. The students spent the past week in Los Angeles as academy guests, meeting with studios and networking over fancy dinners canada goose outelt sale.

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