Worker dissatisfaction has actually been increasing for more

How satisfied are you with your job

buy canada goose jacket cheap A new survey shows only 45 percent of workers are happy with what they do that the lowest level Canada Goose Parka ever recorded in more than 22 years.

cheap Canada Goose Part of the reason, of course, is the worst recession since the Great Depression. But it not just the recession. Worker dissatisfaction has actually been increasing for more than two decades.

Canada Goose online Economists say canadian goose jacket that if this trend in job satisfaction isn reversed. it could wind up hurting innovation along with America competitiveness and productivity. And with unemployment at levels we haven seen Canada Goose online in decades, it difficult to imagine being able to address this issue cheap canada goose uk any time soon.

Canada Goose Parka Here’s my question to you: How satisfied are you with your job?

canada goose clearance sale Interested to know which ones made it on air?

canada goose coats on sale Workers under 25 are most dissatisfied because they plain don want to work, they have been coddled beyond belief and the feeling of having to go out and work for a living is just Canada Goose Outlet too stressful. This is the future canada goose uk black friday of our country and they are already complaining about 40 hours per week and missing out on all their social activities.

Canada Goose Outlet I work in a restaurant right on Waikiki Beach, and couldn possibly be happier due to the stunning scenery, perfect weather, and personal interactions. I think this shows the vital importance of location to job satisfaction. I sure an identical job in decaying Detroit, for instance, would be a real bummer.

Canada Goose Jackets I worked in the private sector for 30 years and things got done, and 98% of the time they canada goose coats on sale got done correctly. When my company went under, I was forced to take a big cut in pay and a job with the IRS. Now I know why I avoided working for the government for 30 years.

canada goose deals Bud from Reston, Virginia writes:

canada goose store As long as I working every day and getting a regular paycheck, I satisfied, Jack. Not too many buy canada goose jacket people can honestly say: I love my job. Artistic people and musicians are among the few that would do what they do for nothing mainly because uk canada goose they would rather create and perform then anything else. Then with talent, hard work and a few breaks the money follows. But that rare.

Canada Goose sale For years I was satisfied with my job. It was interesting, looked forward to being there from day to day, didn get paid extreme big bucks but ok. The last few years before I took early retirement (after 20), not so much. Cutbacks, changes just to say not because it was beneficial, and when time proved not beneficial, the refusal to put it back right This was 12 years ago. From all we see and hear whats going on all over these days, I be surprised to see very many. I was disabled because my employer chose to cost save some equipment I needed to perform a part of my job and canada goose outlet sale I was injured as a result. To get on disability I had to sue my employer, the insurance company carrying their coverage canada goose and Workers Compensation. My wife has no canada goose uk shop job because her employer found that downsizing canada goose store reduces payroll, cuts insurance costs, improves the bottom line and, scares the hell out of those emplyees left on the job. The stock market is up because unemployment buy canada goose jacket cheap is up and Dick Cheney and the Republicans plus Senator Aetna have had a very good year. On to 2012.

canada goose black friday sale Obama and his policies are hurting the future of competitiveness and productivity. The current administration is against capitalism and way too supportive of Unions. The small businesses that Canada Goose Jackets are able to hang Canada Goose Coats On Sale through this recession will not be hiring anyone back anytime soon. Our remaining employees are feeling fortunate to still have a job. California recovery will lag behind the rest of the nation.

canada goose clearance You should do a study about us older folks and our satisfaction with the employment environment now. A friend, who was a nurse, now cleans houses and does odd jobs for people. She happy canada goose factory sale to be making any money at her age (71). I self employed but my business Canada Goose sale is dead at the moment. Like my friend, I looking for odd jobs to help make ends meet. Some folks scoff at those working in fast food establishments, but it better, fiscally and emotionally, to have a job earning money than to be looking for something and finding nothing. One day this will all change again. Employers will be crying out for good employees. It a shame that these same employers don remember how hard it was to find someone with experience and treat that person fairly rather than see older workers as just another expense to abuse or eliminate during lean times.

buy canada goose jacket I work at a job that I enjoy but I work in a hostile working environment. Management and two people in particular are canada goose clearance very hostile towards me and have done everything including making stuff canada goose clearance sale up to get me to quit. I will not quit because 1) I am stubborn and will not give canada goose uk outlet certain people the satisfaction of winning. and 2) The alter at which we all worship Insurance. I have excellant insurance and really do not want to lose it. I suck it up and go on because of these two things and I really care about my clients and enjoy my co workers. I work for the Labor Dept so Job security is not really an issue jusy my sanity.

canada goose coats I have mixed feelings about my job, Jack. On one hand I work for a fortune 500 company which rewards executives who make only the most marginal contributions to the success of our company (and are most often responsible for our corporate failures); yet are rewarded a ridiculous canada goose black friday sale amount of money for their work disgusts me. I am not a shareholder and my company makes uk canada goose outlet it impossible for me to get ahead in life. Its clear, based on how profits are distributed at my company, that our board of directors has absolutely Canada Goose Online zero concern for the health of the USA. Our corporate culture is as despicable as that aristocratic culture which won itself so many turns at the guillotine, in the French Revolution.

canada goose On the other hand, it looks like I start production of my first feature cheap Canada Goose film this year and life couldn be better. I know I have it much easier as an aspiring filmmaker in the USA, juxtaposed to other Countries. so canada goose coats I really happy with my weekend job and self employment.

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