A short time later, stadium announcer Dan Baker confirmed that

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bags replica ysl And, I was applying for a small business grant. I would wait on submission until I felt like fewer applications were being submitted. This is just an example. The Phillies were in the midst of winning Game 1 of a day night doubleheader over the Florida Marlins, but there was an uneasy vibe in the stadium.The trade deadline was a day away and Bobby Abreu, one of the Phillies’ steadiest and most durable players, was not in the lineup for a second day in a row.Speculation became reality late in the game when Abreu was caught on camera shaking hands and exchanging hugs with teammates in the dugout.A short time later, stadium announcer Dan Baker confirmed that Abreu along with pitcher Cory Lidle had been traded to the New York Yankees for four minor leaguers who would never pan out.Having grown up a Yankees and Phillies fan, I was torn.My wife was furious at the Phillies because Abreu was a really nice guy who played most every day and was angry at me because of the Yankees’ reputation of giving up little or nothing in trades.And, then, I had to make the call to my son, who also was a Yankees and Phillies fan at the time and Abreu was his favorite Phillie.Steam was coming out of my wife’s ears and my son sobbed as I broke the news to him.Some say the day was the turning point in the direction of the Phillies organization. They were 48 54 after the Game 1 win over manager Joe Girardi’s Marlins. They were 37 23 the rest of the season, Charlie Manuel’s second in charge, to finish in second place in the National League East.Three years later, Manuel’s Phillies, coming off a World Series title, came up short of repeating in the Fall Classic against Girardi’s Yankees.Abreu was not there bags replica ysl.

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