Within hours of ascending to the Saudi throne

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canada goose jackets FILE In this Nov. 10, 2015 file photo, King Salman of Saudi Arabia waits to receive leaders during their arrival to participate in a summit of Arab and South American leaders in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. Within hours of ascending to the Saudi throne, King Salman announced sweeping changes that would recast the kingdom’s line of succession, and rework its security and economic decision making processes. canada goose jackets

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canada goose Such policies are reminiscent of the days of the military dictatorship, when the armed forces placed great emphasis on developing the Amazon basin, to the detriment of the environment. Other priorities include satellite capability, particularly through a space launch, and cybernetics. The entire strategy is designed to promote Brazilian “independence;” that is, the ability to “project its military power as it wishes, able to produce its own military hardware and able to control strategic economic sectors.” Though the Lula strategy allows for “strategic partners,” outside countries should be willing to transfer key technologies to Brazil so as to contribute to the country’s overall independence. canada goose

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