Wubbels, who is surrounded by other hospital staffers, explains

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Hermes Replica Bags But because the patient was not a suspect in the crash nor faced potential criminal charges, because he was unconscious and unable to give consent, and because the officer did not have a warrant, Wubbels one of the supervisors that night did not allow him to draw blood.they needed blood, then they needed to go through to proper channels to take it, she said.In the body camera video, Wubbels is seen on her phone with numerous supervisors advising them of what was happening and getting confirmation about the policy. Payne sounds impatient in the video and continues to threaten to arrest her.Wubbels, who is surrounded by other hospital staffers, explains in the video that she is doing what her bosses told her to do. She eventually prints out a copy of the policy for blood draws one that Salt Lake police agreed to more than a year ago, according to Porter and shows it to the officer.Wubbels said close to 10 supervisors were consulted either directly by herself or by the supervisors checking with their own superiors.But Payne insists he, too, is following orders.doing what I being told by my boss, and I going to do what my boss says, Payne says sternly at one point in the recording.Wubbels can be seen trying to tell Payne to calm down while telling her boss on the phone that Payne was threatening to arrest her, and that a University of Utah police officer who was present wasn going to stop him.going to jail, Payne says in the video.with a criminal investigation, Payne replies.At one point, Wubbels is heard telling her supervisor that she does not feel safe, before telling Payne, don know why you being threatening Hermes Replica Bags.

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