You can’t live on your wits if you have none

Uh actually, Hypx, you just made a huge mistatement. The US doesn have the highest murder rates, just a higher rate of murders involving guns. On the other hand, after England disarmed the public, it gun murder rate went to only 35 gun deaths per year, but its knife murder rate spiked up, because it is easier to access a knife there than a gun.

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Celine Bags Replica It possible for an assault rifle to NOT be automatic; in fact most are not. The armed forces deploys most soldiers with non automatic rifles. Additionally, it possible for non assualt weapons to be automatic. One course of action that looks as though it may be shaping up would be particularly disastrous: jamming a lid on Iraq sometime in the first half of 2004, so that the place appears to be subdued come Election Day in November. Short term fixes like that have a way of leading to long term and needlessly painful headaches. A migraine in Iraq would be no way to mark President Bush’s second term.. Celine Bags Replica

replica celine bags I even had a whole imaginary QB controversy between Young and Mike Vick planned out in my head, a scenario that ended with BOTH men getting injured. Anyway, none of that will come to pass. Young is still terribly erratic (though his receivers didn’t help matters), and just as prone to turning the ball over as Vick has been this season replica celine bags.

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